About Us

Mount-Everest-Foundation Mount Everest Foundation For Sustainable Development In Nepal/Tibet
The Mount Everest Foundation for Sustainable Development (MEF) exists to help local families support themselves to build schools, hospitals and environmental projects in remote areas near Mount Everest. The MEF is a registered charity of Nepal number 326/060/61. The MEF works in cooperation and partnership with related agencies encouraging maximum utilization of local and natural resources. It is an MEF priority to support programmes addressing education, health, and environment from grass-root levels. The implementation of these services and activities directly benefits a large section of the people of remote Nepal. We understand that it is necessary to give something back to the people and the areas we visit. Our efforts focus on helping local families support themselves by:
– Organize and lead medical, educational, environmental and cultural service-walks to help local people help themselves
– Educate Nepalese children by helping build new schools, hiring additional teachers and providing educational materials
– Educate local people to become teachers in the rural villages where they live, in order to build sustainable education opportunities
– Educate local people to become health workers in the rural villages where they live, in order to promote sustainable health services
– Work together with our sponsors to care for the environments and cultures we visit
– Support cultural preservation and restoration projects to sustain local foundations on the edge of disappearing, both physically and socially
– Support environmental cleanup projects and awareness in order to moderate the effects of tourism in the Himalaya and keep these majestic areas pristine View Website