Soaring above ridge lines on a paraglider wing, flying like an eagle above villages below, these are the amazing experiences to be had while paragliding in incredible locations. For those who have tried a range of adventure experiences, these rate as the ultimate in adrenaline rushes and full-on adventure experiences.

Paragliding is utilizing a larger piece of fabric – designed to keep you aloft longer so you can soar like an eagle, and cruise the mountain tops, or swoop over features only drones will normally show you. The town of Mieusey near Chamonix lays claim to the birthplace of paragliding, and this is an incredible location to experience flight – including the ultimate, to launch off the top of Mont Blanc. This is the ‘mecca’ of mountain flying, big thermals, glaciers and high peaks – all combine to make the Chamonix valley one of the best flying areas of the world. Other stunning destinations for paragliding (and hang gliding) include: Wengen, Switzerland; Queenstown, New Zealand; Danyang, South Korea; Ölüdeniz, Turkey; Seiser Alm, Italy; Julian Alps, Slovenia; Dune du Pyla, France; or Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique.

For an on-the-snow experience the new sensation of Speed Riding or Speed Flying is exhilarating – a blend or paragliding and skiing that lets you ride and fly the slopes at incredible speeds. There are Speed Flying schools that can get you started with all you need to know.

Whether it be paragliding, hang gliding, or speedfly, getting a unique perspective from the sky will be unforgettable. For spectacular views and thrilling experiences, make your next adventure an airborne one!


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