Tourism in Philippines is growing at a rapid rate, especially in the adventure realm. Once a sleeping giant, now has been woken with millions of tourists exploring over 7,000 islands every year!

Philippines is known for its many beaches, food, culture and adventures. For any level of travel enthusiast, this country provides numerous activities to keep you busy and entertained whilst visiting. In the mid 1550’s, The Spanish sailed across the seas and invaded the country and the Philippines then become a sovereign state of the Spanish Empire for over 300 years. You can feel the Spanish influence whilst on your stay, with many Catholic churches and monuments engrained in the locals culture.

The Philippines is one of the last ‘discovered’ tourism meccas of Southeast Asia, which provides travellers a unique experience and look into the region before it became a central hub for international tourists. Due to the sheer amount of islands you can visit, the main activities are generally located around water. Surfing, diving, fishing, boating, canyoning and swimming are just some of the many activities you can experience in the Philippines. If you’d prefer to stay inland, you can explore the historical sites, trek mountains and try the fantastic local cuisine!

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