Incredible diversity and a lifetime of experiences in one of the most iconic adventure continents on the globe. Central America and South America have something for every adventure traveler and trips here are as much about the journey as the individual experiences.

Whether you’d like to explore the depths of the Amazon rainforest or soar amongst the clouds in Brazil, there’s simply no limit to the adventures that South America has in store for you. The continent stretches over 17,840,000 km2 and takes up nearly 12% of the earth’s land mass. Needless to say, there’s so much adventure for any traveler to experience, accompanied with loads of culture, history and delicious food to savour. ‘The Gringo Trail’ is a common route in which western travelers generally navigate their way around the continent, starting at Colombia, heading through Peru, Chile and curling back up through Argentina and Brazil (or vice versa). That said, to avoid the crowds you can definitely head off the beaten track and make your adventure everything you want it to be.

South America boasts some of the best adventure experiences you can have on the planet, including the famous Inca Trail in Peru, the awe-inspiring Iguazú Falls, surfing pristine breaks in Brazil or trekking the stunning Patagonia region.

The contrasts in Central America from their larger neighbours to the North and South are stark, and to travel in any direction offers something unique from where you just came from. There are volcanoes, historic towns and well-preserved ancient Mayan cities such as Tikal in Guatemala. Costa Rica is a modern adventure and nature lovers dream. El Salvador and Honduras offer truly wild adventure journeys with incredible coastline for surfing or exploring, and Belize is a wildlife paradise. And then there is the immense and full-of-character Mexico. Although travelers love to debate whether Mexico falls into falls under North or Central America, regardless a here can tick all the boxes for adventure, historic sites, wildlife, beautiful coastal scenery and even high mountain adventures.

This entire continent of Central and South America is so special because you can find an adventure at any time of the year, meaning ideal travel times can be all year round.

Outside of the unique and awe-inspiring activities, Central and South America are also home to some of the most amazing landscapes and wonders of this world. Whether it’s rainforests, mountains, beaches or rivers, Central and South America is a continent that has it all for you!