Scenes of African safaris, the Serengeti, roaming elephants, lion prides, and wildebeest migrations against a fire orange sky are the images that have inspired numerous adventurers and explorers. Basing yourself at a bush lodge in Central or Southern Africa whilst touring out in jeeps or on foot to observe majestic wildlife and soaring landscapes is an incredible adventure not to missed.

Photographing the ‘big five – lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino’ is an experience you will savour forever. That first glimpse of a leopard creeping through the bush, an elephant herd feeding nearby to giraffes and zebra, or a group of lions relaxing at watering hole at sunset, these are spine tingling moments that will leave you elated and in awe. There are safari options to explore by vehicle, tracking on foot with a khaki-clad bush ranger guide, camel bound, or on horseback. In addition to the big five in Africa, there are numerous other opportunities around the world to explore, including safaris in places like India and Nepal where you can search for tigers, bear, chinkaras, wolf and barking deer.

Ensure you consider places like Botswana, Zambia and Namibia along with the more famous locations in South Africa and Kenya. These are really immersion experiences and one you will never forget. Different operations offer varying degrees of comfort from bare-bones simplicity to super luxurious, but generally all involve a fair degree of creature comforts to ensure you have quality down-time when not viewing the wildlife.

There is such a vast array of safari experiences around the world for you to witness wild animals and birdlife in their natural environment, enjoying the serenity and majesty of the incredible landscapes, so spend time enjoying the search for your next adventure and highlight destination, then go and explore!


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