Throwing a pack on your back with all the supplies you need to survive for a few days to a couple of weeks in the wilderness is one of those experiences that connects us with the natural world around us and equally gives us ‘breathing time’ away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life most people experience in a city. Every country has hiking or trekking options, so wherever you choose to travel to, you will be guaranteed somewhere you can walk from A to B, often with stunning surroundings as your backdrop.

Whether it’s pitching the tent you carried, staying in a remote hut, teahouse or refuge, or sleeping under the stars, there’s something especially revitalising about getting away and travelling on a trail under your own energy to attain a goal. It’s an activity that can be as mellow or as extreme as you want, from short hikes taking a couple of hours to full blown multi day trekking marathons. And the great thing is its super social, and is best enjoyed with a friend or two, a group, family members, or new found acquaintances.

The other great thing about hiking and trekking is that you can combine it as part of a broader trip to a destination – either for an adventure focused trip, or even as a short break away from a work trip or other commitments. Whether it’s trekking an iconic trail in the Himalayas, hiking a circuit in North America, tramping in remote New Zealand, following the GR20 in France, chasing the Inca trail, or anything in between, let us show you some of the best ways to get out in nature and enjoy the world around us!


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