What a draw card for adventure! With civilizations rich in history and intrigue, landscapes as diverse as China, Thailand and India - as well some of the greatest mountains and beaches on earth – Asia is one heck of a destination.

There is a real dichotomy between spiritual solitude and frenetic ambiance. This is what has enthralled and enticed travelers and adventurers across Asia for centuries. Wander crowded market streets, find solitude in temples and holy sites, or just soak up the ambiance with the noise, smells and organized chaos that is the enduring memory of much of Asia.

For some of the most incredible experiences in Asia (and anywhere on the globe) why not try: The Big 5 Wildlife Tour of Asia – orangutans, gibbons, sun bears, rhinos and elephants; surf the waves of Sumbawa, Bali, West Sumatra or Nias; climb to the summit of Mt Everest – or trek to Base Camp; trek to highland villages; rock climbing at Railay, Thailand; cycle tour the length of Vietnam; scuba and snorkel literally hundreds of amazing islands; or just set off on an adventure journey across many countries with no fixed plans!

Why not combine some of the greatest food journeys in the world with your adventures. The exotic and unique food across the many regions of Asia is one of the truly incomparable highlights. Likewise photographing the cacophony of colour and vividness in any street scene will be memories you will savour for a lifetime.

There are decades worth of adventures to have in Asia including some of the best trekking and climbing on the planet. There is also extensive wildlife, dramatic landscapes, isolated beaches, and some of the best overland journeys to be had anywhere.  From Japan to Cambodia, Borneo to Nepal, Laos to Indonesia, and a plethora of locations in between, why not make amazing Asia your next adventure spot to explore.