One of those iconic destinations combining incredible beauty, rich cultural heritage, and a surprising
array of adventures to be had, Japan rates as a must-go destination.

While many think of Japan as cosmopolitan and heavily urbanised, Japan is actually 70% mountainous, with 67% in forest, and surrounded by ocean. Combine this with average yearly snowfalls of 25-45 feet in places like Hokkaido – some of the best powder skiing on earth, reaching the summit of iconic Mount Fuji, mountain retreats like Kamikochi, sea kayaking and diving the azure waters of Okinawa, or soaking in a natural hot pool (onsen), you will be mesmerised by Japan and the incredible adventures and experiences on offer.

One of the favourites in Japan is combining a series of adventure activities with exploration of historic temples and villages in places like Kyoto, staying in a traditional inn (or ryokan), and sampling the amazing variety of food available. Japan’s northern Alps are considered by many to be one of the best places for hiking where nearly 10,000ft peaks soar above the surrounding forest covered valleys. Hokkaido offers picturesque landscapes for walking in the Rebun Islands, and cycling through the fields is also a popular activity during the summer months. Meanwhile Minakami (2 hours’ drive from Tokyo) is one of the best places to enjoy water sports in Japan, such as rafting down the Tone River or jumping off a 20m waterfall slide on a canyoning tour. And for those in search of ocean adventures, why not dive and swim with the fish and sea life at the Izu and Ogasawara Islands in Shizuoka.

Whether skiing or snowboarding, mountain biking or hiking, kayaking or diving, Japan offers so many
adventures in an iconic land of samurais, sushi and sunsets. Go and explore for yourself and find out
why Japan is clearly on the radar of adventure lovers around the world.

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