Adventure expedition ships get you to places you’ve only dreamed of, and where you certainly can’t get by road. Imagine sailing to the Antarctic Peninsula and cruising past huge towering icebergs while whales and penguins swim by the vast expansive landscape of glacial peaks and rock faces. Boarding a Zodiac inflatable boat to be whisked ashore and get a first-hand experience that will enthral all your senses.

Getting to Antarctica can be a logistical challenge, and adventure cruise ships have simplified this process. The ship is the conduit to allow you an amazing interaction with the pristine Antarctic environment. You will get to see vast penguin colonies, whales swimming right beside the ship, historic sites of the explorers from the heroic era, sweeping glaciers up huge mountain faces that rise straight from the ocean, and get to experience the extremes of weather that make Antarctica famous.

In addition to the Antarctic, the cruising opportunities in Norway, Alaska and Canada offer Arctic wilderness, remote villages, incredibly diverse wildlife sightings, and an ever changing view every day as you move from point to point on your journey. And to compliment the polar and temperate zones, places like the Galapagos and the Pacific Islands offer wildlife and remote location experiences not to be found anywhere else. Imagine swimming with whales in Tonga or Niue, or wandering the biodiverse islands of the Galapagos alongside giant Turtles, Marine Iguanas, Penguins and Lizards – right from the pages of Darwin’s first encounters.

Expedition cruises offer adventures catering for all travel types, ages and group size. You can even add on such adventures as ski touring, mountaineering, paddle boarding and sea kayaking to many of the expeditions. Ship options also offer everything from 200 traveller berths, adventure cruises with 60-80 people, right down to small bespoke yacht cruises catering for only 10-12 guests, and specialist single activity cruises to really remote locations.


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