Queenstown is a perfect adventure travel destination, with stunning scenery, a huge range of adventures and activities to indulge yourself, and a wonderfully cosmopolitan center to relax and unwind.

The sheer number of activities available in Queenstown provides something for everyone; from bungy jumping and zip lining, to jet boating, skydiving, trekking, rafting and four local ski resorts. A truly four-season resort location, use Queenstown as the base to explore beautiful lake and mountain vistas.

Winters see snow in the mountains (and occasionally into the resort town), which means you can indulge your ski and snowboard adventures, and heliskiing is a popular winter activity using helicopters to lift you into the wilderness and experience incredible grandeur while surfing the powder snow. Accessibility to Queenstown means you can easily take in two or three adventure experiences in one day throughout most of the year, with summer and spring being a peak time to experience virtually everything adventurous on offer including climbing the highest peaks overlooking the town, and rafting or kayaking down the steep local rivers that were once steeped in gold mining history.

Even though Queenstown is a compact resort nestled on the shores of Lake Wakatipu – with around 30,000 local residents – over 3 million people travel to Queenstown each year, and there are over 70 flights a day (both international and domestic) on peak days.

Queenstown is a real gem for adventure lovers and those desiring to be close to nature, with the added bonus of having a wide range of accommodation and dining options in very close proximity to all that this fabulous adventure resort has to offer.

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