Sea kayaking is the ocean equivalent of backpacking. Traveling light with constantly changing land and seascapes, journeying close to nature. You determine the pace and distance by your own power, and choose to camp in the most picturesque spots.

Ocean kayaking is a great way to explore remote coastal inlets and beaches from the polar regions to the tropics. Far more stable than whitewater kayaks, and easily shared with a friend or loved one, modern single or double kayaks will hold plenty of gear and are very forgiving in rough waves or swells. Paddled easily by novices, these kayaks are perfect for guided trips at a slow comfortable pace, or for those going for maximum distance on their expedition.

What better platform for wildlife viewing, whale watching or navigating an exploratory route you’ve always dreamed of traversing. Choose from location like the Gulf of Cortez in Baja, rivers and oceans of Costa Rica, Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand, Phang Nga in Thailand, the inside passage of British Columbia, Patagonian Fjords, or the Pacific Islands with places like Fiji, Vanuatu and Rarotonga.

Imagine paddling pristine azure waters, under your own power, in sync with the natural world around you. Traveling light with all your supplies and equipment safely stowed in your kayak. You can choose a sea kayak outfitter who will arrange everything for you and guide you along the way, or opt to go it alone with friends on your own custom designed adventure.

What better way to combine a traveling adventure, a sense of self-accomplishment by using your own skill to take you from one place to another, and all in a fully sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Get paddling for your next adventure!


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