Some of the world’s most spectacular scenery and landscapes can be experienced on a scenic flight. Whether by plane flying high over the mountain tops and covering ever changing scenescapes, or more intimately by helicopter where you may get the chance to land and breathe in the fresh air and marvel at the incredible vistas before you.

As the blades whirr and you feel that sensation of weightlessness on lift off, a helicopter flight will leave you wanting more the instant you take off. What about landing on a glacier in Alaska, Canada or New Zealand, hovering over Iguazu Falls in Brazil or Victoria Falls in Zambia, taking in the wonder of the Hawaiian Islands or the Grand Canyon, cruising past Table Mountain in South Africa, or staring in awe at the sheer scale of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Taking to the air in a helicopter is both unique in perspective, and exhilarating in nature. We feature some of the world’s best operators who will showcase their ‘back yard’ in a way you’ve only seen in photos.

Fixed wing aircraft (planes) can really showcase a destination by exploring large distances and covering incredible scenic views as they soar from one location to the next. Flying around Uluru/Ayers Rock will give you an appreciation of the scale to the Australian outback. Traversing the mountains from Queenstown to Milford Sound in Fiordland will take you from a bustling resort town to the unspoilt medieval forests and glacier carved fiords of the Southwestern tip of New Zealand – all within an hours flight. Flying into Lukla in the Khumbu region of Nepal will really showcase how large Everest really is. And taking a seaplane flight in Alaska is something so unique and special that you will be surprised you hadn’t considered it before now.

What better way to see your next destination than to take to the air and have an incredible adventure in the sky with aviation professionals who will show you the true hidden treasures of the local area. Get on board for your flight!


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