One of the greatest things about adventure is you can have an experience in only a couple of hours that will challenge you, push you mentally, or help you overcome that internal fear. Try-it adventures are all about giving things a go, experiencing something new and different, or ticking that box of – “I’ve always wanted to try that!”

Adventure destinations around the world are hubs for these one off adventures, places such as Queenstown in New Zealand, Chamonix in France, Interlaken in Switzerland, Whistler and Banff in Canada, Pokhara in Nepal and Cape Town in South Africa. There are also hundreds of other destinations that might focus more on a specific activity or offer a combination of a number of activities such as; surfing, canyoning, snowmobiling, quad biking, paragliding or mountain biking. Activities where you can really get the adrenalin going include skydiving, jet boating, ziplining, rock climbing, canyon swinging and bungy jumping.

The great thing about one-off experiences is you can do them while on any travel trip, whether that be for leisure, family, business, education or a work trip. Renting bikes and going for a leisurely cycle through the local area can be very relaxing, and why not take a guided hiking tour of the region to really feel you are getting to know the surroundings. Some people choose to travel to a destination and mix a whole combination of try-it adventures into their holiday, others choose to do something regionally iconic for their try-it adventure while on a focused trip such as a ski holiday. The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless.    

Let us show you some of the world’s best activities and the high-quality operators who will take care of you and ensure you get maximum adventure as you give the experience a go – try-it!


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