A land that captivates your sense of wonder at every turn, Australia is incredibly diverse, a cultural icon, and a place that epitomizes adventure wherever you go.

Australia is around the same size as Canada and has contrasting places like the tropical northern area of Kakadu for stunning bush walking, lush forests and waterfalls, through to spare inland deserts, to the mountainous areas of the Great Diving Range and the snowy mountains.

There is nowhere on earth like Australia and a key element that reiterates this is the native wildlife, of which 80% are unique to only Australia – think koalas, kangaroos, wombats, and platypus.  The Great Barrier Reef is so large it can be seen from space and contains the largest underwater eco-system on earth.

Other contrasting adventures in Australia include beginning to understand Aboriginal culture - one of the oldest living cultures which can be really appreciated at Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park, exploring the fascinating urban metropolises of Sydney/Melbourne/Adelaide/Brisbane, and travelling around the 60+ wine regions.

The ocean plays a huge part in defining Australian culture and what better way to experience this than a surf and beach experience. With 90% of Australians living on the coast, it’s super easy to find someone to take you scuba diving, surfing, boating, sailing, or connecting with nature through a wildlife encounter. In Brisbane, they even have a 100% guarantee for a humpback whale sighting during the migration season of June to November.