Mountaineering really defines adventure, in order to reach a major summit you must push yourself mentally, conquer fear, and overcome gravity. This is why climbing has always appealed to those who want the ultimate challenge.

Reaching a goal by climbing there under your own physical abilities is one of the greatest challenges and rewards you can achieve. Reaching the top of an ice or rock climb, gaining your first mountain peak, or achieving a major summit after many years of climbing mountains, all lead to an incredible sense of self-fulfilment and accomplishment.

Every continent (and most countries) have climbing opportunities, from the Himalayas to the Rockies, the European Alps to Antarctica, the volcanoes of South and Central America to the highest mountain in Africa – Mount Kilimanjaro. The seven summits (the highest peak on every continent, including Mount Everest) is a major drawcard for mountaineers, as are climbing courses run in every major mountain area by qualified mountain guides. In addition to major mountaineering expeditions and climbs, there are rock climbing adventures throughout the globe that can be the focus for an adventure trip through to an experience day while on another adventure goal. Guide services are available across the world to help safely and knowledgeably get you to your climbing goal – whether it be snow, glacier, water ice or rock. Let us show you some of the best climbing adventures to be had anywhere you choose to travel!


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