Every blog post or article submitted to exploreGo must conform to the following guidelines:

Original content

You must be the author of all content you submit. You can use content you have previously created elsewhere such as a blogpost or on social media, but it must have been written by you. Keep articles concise, informative and catchy. Create multiple entries if you want to showcase a particular region and various aspects – for example, if you want to talk about your experiences in Patagonia, break it down into subjects such as a specific hike, best way to get around, gear to take on a specific trip, best place to buy gear or food, border formalities and money, how to see the best glaciers, etc.   


No more than 800 words for any one article post, and no more than 80 words for your profile post.


You can submit up to four (4) images to use in your article, but they must be legally available to use – either by you taking them personally, from a public domain, or with the express permission of the author. No text-over-photo or watermarking allowed. A focus article with compelling personal images will always attract more views and get you more coverage.


Either write in a personal style – e.g. I saw and experienced this, or impersonal – e.g. there appears to be many amazing things to do…. Write from the heart and be honest, this will be the most useful and authentic to people reading your post. Use correct grammar and spelling, and avoid abbreviated or text message style writing.

Not allowed

Any illegal content, pornography, violent incitation, grotesque or disturbing content. We also do not condone any form of bullying, harassment, personal attacks, threats, insults, racism or sexism.  


No direct advertising or links allowed – such as to commercial websites, travel agencies, hotels, etc. You may use the article to describe a business and what that offers in the adventure realm. The place to talk specifically about your business is in your profile, where you can link to a website or your social media platforms and describe exactly what you do.  

If you would like to submit a sponsored advertisement article, please email: info@explorego.com


Feel free to include relevant tags to each article as this will allow people to find your articles through the search function. No more than five (5) relevant tags.  

How to submit

To submit a blog or article, please click the ‘Submit Blog’ button below and provide your text for the post, photos, as well as your details. We may email you requesting additional photos once the post has been reviewed.

Note: All blog articles will be reviewed prior to being loaded, so expect a delay before we load them and check the content and images. We reserve the right to delete any post that does comply with the above guidelines, and may choose to modify, adjust or update any post that we believe will be enhanced by doing so.

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