Kākāpō are a critically endangered New Zealand native parrot with only around 200 remaining. This amazing bird is the worlds heaviest parrot and only flightless and nocturnal parrot,

The Kākāpō Recovery is a Department Of Conservation lead initiative that combines the efforts of scientists, rangers, volunteers and donors to protect the critically endangered Kākāpō.

Having inhabited New Zealand for thousands of years, the Kākāpō population suffered a rapid decline following the introduction of humans and pests. By the 1970s there were believed only 18 Kākāpō in existence all in the Fiordland region. But in 1977, Kākāpō were discovered on Stewart Island/Rakiura – and in 1980, females were confirmed providing renewed hope for their survival. Since then, dedicated staff from the Department of Conservation, volunteers and partners have worked tirelessly to protect, manage and increase the kākāpō population.

Today there are breeding populations of kākāpō on the three predator-free islands. DOC staff work year-round to keep the Kākāpō safe, healthy and well-fed.

What Donations Go Towards 

  • Kākāpō feed pellets
  • Disease screen tests
  • Materials for artificial nest boxes
  • Radio-tracking aerials
  • Portable incubators
  • Radio-telemetry receiver
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