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Packrafting Queenstown

Aspiring Packrafter - Wanaka Day Trip

, New Zealand

8 Hours


This is the ultimate day trip adventure and the most exciting guided packrafting day trip in NZ. We walk in flanked by the towering peaks of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Mt Aprising National Park. Then after a well earned lunch we ramp thing up a notch and take to the river. The Matukituki rive is still beginner friendly but caters for those looking for a bit more of a challenge. Punctuated by fun and bouncy grade II rapids with idyllic floating sections in between, you'll spend the afternoon flitting between blissed out relaxation and grinning your way down the rapids. 

Your day starts in Wanaka where we drive into the Matukituki valley and the start of our hike. We'll gently make our way up the river towards our lunch spot near the Mt Aspiring Hut. 

After lunch your guide will give you a full briefing and teach you all the skills you'll need to successfully take on the rapids...which start almost immediately! Your guide will show you the way but you have the freedom to make your own way downstream, bouncing through the little rapids and grinning at walkers as you pass by. We finish our paddle a few minutes walk from where we parked up. 

You're guide will return you to town, tired but satisfied after a rewarding day out in the wild. This is what days off were invented for.

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